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Client Comments

This is the section of the website that we are most proud of.  The comments below were written by a few of our clients in their own words.  It’s a reminder of how you can take a bad situation, even a tragedy, and help people put their lives back together.  It’s also a reminder of what an honor and blessing it is to represent people and families in their time of need.



“I like the way the law firm works. They communicated with me in Spanish which is my language. The law firm always kept me informed about everything that was going on in my case. Mr. Garriga is a good person and communicated with me in Spanish and explained what was happening in my case. I would recommend Mr. Garriga and the law firm to my family and friends.”



“José Luis Garriga and his team of professionals were invaluable in helping us through the most difficult fight in our life.  Our parents were involved in a car accident.  Our father suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury, we were devastated.  We were dealing with doctors, enormous medical bills and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing that he would never be the person he once was.”

“The accident changed our life.  The journey was not easy and at times we felt there was no end in sight.  However, we never felt alone in this fight.  The case was very difficult, yet Mr. Garriga believed in the case as much as we did and for that my family and I forever will be grateful.”

“We are very satisfied with the outcome of the case, and now that we know that our dad will be cared for financially, we can focus on spending more time together and making his life as pleasant as possible.”


Mendez Family



“Words can’t even express how thankful I am to all of you for your time, effort and love you all put into our trial.  I can honestly say dad is smiling down on each of you!  From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU, I love you all.”



“I know you each worked so hard on this case.  I can’t tell you how much it means to me.  I know how you all felt about Mike and I can say he really loved all of you.  He always said this was his favorite law firm and that José was the most honest man he had ever met and Melinda the sweetest woman.  The cheese roll is from the heart from Tisha and I.  Mike was the last one to pull that out of the box.  I don’t know if I will do it ever again.  So this is from Mike too.  We love you all.”

Thank you, Thank you,

Joni Bates



“After my husband’s oilfield injury, our lives were completely flipped over (upside-down).  It seemed like a dark, never ending tunnel.  A year later at a doctor’s appointment, a nice lady referred us to Mr. Garriga, after carrying out a short conversation in the waiting room.  Soon after we met Mr. Garriga and his great staff, who professionally took care of our case.  They weren’t only the light at the end of the tunnel, they were the light all the way out.  With his great knowledge, he fought for our rights and gave us more than what we ever expected!!!  Thanks to The Garriga Law Firm for changing our lives for the best!”



“Mr. José Luis Garriga with his experience and professional team helped me and my family every step of the way after my accident at work that changed my life.  The friendship that we formed has been very special and continues until today.  The Garriga Law Firm has been and will continue to be #1 on my list of lawyers.”



“Mr. Garriga is the best lawyer anyone can ever have.  I will recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer.  He is not just a good lawyer, but he is a great friend.  I still pray every day for him and his law firm.”



“I am very pleased with your law firm.  You were very accurate and well organized.  You did an excellent job.  You did what you said you were going to do on the file and did it.  José is a great guy.”



“It was an honor to meet Mr. Garriga because of the situation we were in.  I will never forget him.  He’s a very important person that came into our lives when needed.  I will refer him to anyone that needs help and tell them they can trust him to be honest.  He always was straight forward about any situation and honest.  He doesn’t string you along.  I could write a book about him and all his good qualities as an attorney.  He trusted in our case when no one else would and he never gave us any false hope.  He gave my son a great future and I don’t think he would’ve had such a great outcome if I had gone with another attorney.  If it wasn’t for Mr. Garriga, I don’t know where my son would be.”


“I came back to Mr. Garriga because he had helped me and my mom years ago.  When he met me again, he recognized me and treated me like family.  He was very good with my personal injury case.  He is more of a hands-on attorney with his clients.  His staff was very friendly.  Every time I came in, they remembered my name and were very polite.  My case was taken care of in a professional manner.”


“You looked at our case and accepted us without hesitation.  You were very honest.  You made yourself available to me every time I called you.  You were very prompt with my case.”



“My daughter was seriously injured due to out dated, dangerous county equipment when she was only 4 years old.”

“Mr. Garriga took our case; not because he would make a ton of money, because he did not.  Not because he would get a lot of attention, but because it was the right thing to do and we needed help.”

“The Garriga Law Firm went above and beyond our wildest expectations for my daughter and not only won a settlement that would help her; he stuck to my original request and goal to get the equipment replaced.”

“He could have dropped our case or settled very early and not gotten the equipment replaced, but he honored my wishes and stuck to his word, because it was the right thing to do for the community.”

“He is truly a good person and an outstanding lawyer!”


Linda Lawson



“Ya’ll treated us great.  We felt very welcome and very stress free.  Anything we needed, you were there to help us and encouraged us and kept us positive throughout the time we were there.  I give you guy’s a thumbs up and would recommend you to anyone.”



“They took care of my case.  I didn’t have to worry about contacting the insurance company.  I didn’t have to worry about anything.  They kept me updated.  I never had to call and ask about my case, they would call me.  I was very satisfied with the settlement.  They were very polite.”



“The law firm was helpful with my rental.  They took care of my personal injury claim and they were efficient with my time.  They were very profesional.  I am glad that my cousin referred me to them.  I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with any kind of personal injury case.”



“I was involved in an industrial accident in a gas plant.  Both of my hands were burned along with my face and top of my head.  I had multiple surgeries and hundreds of trips to the doctor.  At the time, I was not looking for anyone to represent me in this matter, but the bills didn’t stop and I wasn’t getting much from workmans comp.  I came in contact with Mr. Garriga through a law firm that he was working with.  Mr. Garriga took my case and did a great job!  Mr. Garriga and his professional staff were able to settle my case.  I would recommend Mr. Garriga and his firm to anyone.  I am very grateful to him and his staff for taking care of ALL our needs through the time it took to resolve our case.  Again, thank you for all the hard work and dedication !!!!!”



“Mr. Garriga was very supportive and a good listener.  The law firm was very supportive in a lot of ways.  The law firm gave a lot of support and understanding to me.  My case was handled very professional.  The legal assistant was very supportive and easy to talk to and communicated with me very well and allowed me to vent many times.  The law firm and Mr. Garriga trusted me and believed in me and in regards to how my accident happened and supported me in every way.”



“I am very happy with your law firm.  You were very detailed and organized.   You were very professional from beginning to the end.  I was pleased with the outcome.”



“While sitting at a red light at 42nd and Preston Smith, I was struck from behind by a 23-year old drunk driver.  My case ended up being very complicated, involving three different companies and a total of three lawyers.  José and his staff were extremely helpful and well prepared.  They kept me informed and involved in the entire process.  Any time there were any decisions to be made, he sat down with me and explained all the options in explicit detail.  He made me feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process.”

“I often see and hear where José and his staff are involved in many community events and I now consider José to be a good Christian friend.  He and his staff continue to assist me in any of my legal needs.”



“I want to thank José for being there for the Martinez family.  He stuck with us till the end of our case of my loving husband and dad to my kids.  I would tell people about him and how he handled our case.  He represented us very well.  Again thank you so much!”



“Mr. Garriga and his team worked relentlessly on our case.  They took the time and effort to look at every angle in our case.  They could have easily done the bare minimum and moved on to another case.  They put 110% of their time and effort.  They are a top notch firm and I would recommend them for legal counsel.”



“I would like to thank you for the service you provided our family.  You and your staff were very professional and efficient in the handling of our case.  We know that you put many hours of hard work to obtain the best result for us.”

“Never did we worry about anything because we knew we were in dependable and reputable hands.  I would surely recommend you and your staff to anyone needing your services.  You all made everything go very smoothly and we appreciate you very much.”

“God Bless you all.  May you continue to help those who need your services.”


Barbara Ramirez



“When I signed up with the law firm you answered all the questions at the time of my sign-up.  I trusted ya’ll to get everything done the way it was suppose to.  I was impressed with your work.”



“Mr. Garriga will take all his time to do the best work possible on your case.  I am very satisfied with his work on my case and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.  The legal staff is always there to listen and to help with any issue I have.  Mr. Garriga goes out of his way to do the best work and I am confident he will continue to be there for me always even after the settlement of my case.”



“The Garriga Law Firm is a well respected firm with a reputation for integrity and success.  The firm stepped in to lend a hand during one of the most dramatic times of my life.  They provided a professional and personal service that I will never forget and they offered an opportunity to provide help in my time of crisis.”



“The law firm did a good job with my case.  They took care of business and they were very accurate.  Overall, I was very pleased with their work and they were very professional.”



“Mr. Garriga helps people that are in need. He is a professional in the field of law with a good heart. He helped me in my time of need. He is a man of God with a good heart when it comes to putting others before himself.”



“I am pleased to say that my experience with the law firm was absolutely wonderful. Mr. Garriga and his firm always made sure my two older kids and myself were always taken care of. My case was on behalf of my son Anthony Ray Bernard, Jr. for the wrongful death of his father Anthony Ray Bernard, Sr. My case lasted 3yrs and during those three years I grew into a close relationship with the entire staff and got to know each one of them and their characters. I am proud to say that Mr. Garriga won a large settlement for my son. I have to say if it hadn’t been for The Garriga Law Firm fighting for my son for his father’s wrongful death, my son right now would not be getting any kind of income. God is good all the time. I just want to say thank you to The Garriga Law Firm for representing my son.”



“The Garriga Law Firm and staff were kind and professional from beginning to end. They helped us in the toughest moments of our lives and kept us informed of every step they took.”

“We are so thankful for the way we were treated. We recommend The Garriga Law Firm 100%!”



“I was referred to Mr. Garriga by another attorney because of his excellent reputation. He and Imelda have explained things to me in a way that made everything easy to understand. I have been extremely pleased with the way my case has been handled. I would definitely recommend The Garriga Law Firm to anyone”.


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