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Finding a Good Car Accident Lawyer in Midland-Odessa, Texas

If you have suffered a car accident-related injury, you need to make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries, expenses and lost wages. With the help of an experienced car accident attorney, from The Garriga Law Firm you’re protected and you don’t have to worry.

In Midland-Odessa, Texas and New Mexico, there are many car accident lawyers. How do you know which one will really help? It’s crucial to find someone you can trust.

Tips for Finding a Good Car Accident Lawyer

A good car accident lawyer is someone you can trust and feel confident in pursuing your case. To find a good car accident lawyer, do some of the following:

Evaluate an attorney’s background. Consider an attorney’s educational background and experience with personal injury law. Make sure that the attorney you hire is going to aggressively pursue your case against the insurance companies.

To find out if a potential car accident lawyer will aggressively pursue your case or just settle, ask the following:

      • How many car accident cases have you handled?
      • How many of them have been settled out of court?
      • How many cases have you taken to an actual trial?
      • How many cases have you won by a trial?
      • How do you determine when to go to trial and when to settle?

Find out how much personal attention an attorney will give to your case.  In searching for an experienced attorney, be sure to visit the attorney’s office and make sure it’s professional.   Your car accident injury case is important to you, and you want it to be important to your attorney. Be sure to pay attention to the timeliness of returned phone calls or e-mail inquiries.

Find a car accident attorney you feel comfortable working with. Before you sign a contract with an attorney, feel free to ask for comments from previous clients.  By reviewing client comments, you will gain more knowledge about the attorney’s reputation and personality. Compatible personalities are crucial to an effective lawyer-client relationship. You need someone you can trust because you will need to provide personal information to your car accident attorney about you and your injuries. Be sure to hire someone you feel comfortable with and who listens to your concerns.

Contact a Good Car Accident Attorney in Midland-Odessa, Texas and New Mexico

The Garriga Law Firm has the qualities you need in a good car accident law firm.  Mr. José Luis Garriga has over 25 years of experience in  personal injury and wrongful death  law and in handling car accident cases. He understands that car accidents are difficult times, and he is committed to fighting on your behalf for the justice you rightfully deserve.

The Garriga Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis—there are no attorney’s fees if there is no recovery—to provide the expert legal representation to individuals and families throughout the Midland-Odessa, Texas and New Mexico areas. For a free case consultation, contact The Garriga Law Firm today.

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